Ad Astra (2019) Fake rating

06 Oct
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Today I've watched Ad Astra (2019) at my local cinema. I didn't like the movie but decided that I'm too subjective, so I decided to check what other people think about it.
I opened to check it's rating and was shocked. So I decided to check if the rating is correct.


Usually, ratings for the movie should be grouped around the "most common" rating. For example, the distribution of the movie ratings can look something like this:


But here is a catch, IMDb doesn't allow us to see individual ratings (interesting why is that ?:), so we can use ratings in user reviews as a proxy for that.
Ideally, we should get the same rating for both user reviews and user ratings.

After I've parsed user ratings with simple JavaScript code, I got some interesting results.
Ratings in user reviews got a weighted average of 4.7 instead of 7.0.


And when we look closer at the distribution, we can see some strange feature - ratings are skewed to 0, but it has some "paid" ratings in the 7-9 range.


We can assume that rating for Ad Astra was paid because it's rating has strangely skewed points in the 7-9 range.

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