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20 Oct
Creation of Music Box Admin / 398 views

Today i will tell you about creation of . Which is a music storage website where you can upload your songs and listen to them. It automatically downloads songs lyrics, author and other info for you. It works like your iPod but only in cloud.


As Bronson said "I always wanted to be famous" so i decided that i can steal idea from existing music services such as soundcloud, deezer etc. I ended up with and ...

17 May
Django Docker Setup Admin / 335 views

UPD discontinued after discovery of

Hello there.

Today i want to share my bare-bones template for Django + Docker setup.

Here is project structure

├── compose                        # docker-compose related files
│   ├── django      &...

17 May
Django Ansible Vagrant setup Admin / 354 views

Hello there, to day i want to share bare bones template for Django + Ansible + Vagrant

Here is project structure

├── ansible.cfg
├── deployment
├── docs
├── requirements.txt
├── testproj
└── Vagrantfile

You can clone template project which includes example setup for Django + Ansible + Vagrant.

git clone

Rename `testproj` folder to your desired nam...

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